The Custoda is a cloud based management platform accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets or and any mobile devices like smart phones.

Custoda is not a transactional tool or application which means it doesn’t replace any of your operational systems or processes or interfere with your day-to-day operations like:

  • ​Your financial system
  • ​Rent collection system
  • ​Lease Management system,
  • ​CMMS
  • ​Planned preventative maintenance planning, scheduling & execution,
  • ​Placement of supplier works orders
  • ​Helpdesk or
  • ​Any other day-to-day systems in use to perform your operational functions

Custoda provides an overall umbrella management layer across all your operational functions and tasks.

Brand Bank

Maintain brand consistency and quality control by keeping all your brand guidelines and marketing material material in one easily accessible place.


Set up and customize your analytics criteria to monitor and report on key performance areas and indicators

Communications Suite

An internal bulletin board that you can email directly from, or just post a quick note

Recruitment Management

A place to keep your prospect information, including any contract details and detailed notes on the stages of recruitment

Operational Support

Unique login that allows you members from the National Support Office access to the system when conducting site visits.

Forum / Business Blog

An internal message board that can assist your franchisee to informally communicate.

What is Custoda?

It’s an all-in-one tool that allow you to manage all critical aspects of your business – compliance, communication, training, operations and ultimately contract performance.

The platform is developed to assist businesses to get full control over all their management responsibilities through the combination of a range of effective management tools built into one platform.

Learning Management System

Reduce downtime by improving staff skills levels and consistency.

Task Manager

Tasks can be generated by the the head office, system or support office to track and address areas that require action

Document Vault

Keep all your business records that are for your eyes only in one secure, easily accessible place.

Compliance Audits

Keep any audit information together, such as health & safety audits, management reports or maintenance reviews.

Staff & Human Resources

Keep your operation manuals and staff training videos where your clients can readily access them.

Critical Document Repository

A place for all business documents that need to be actioned between your self and your clients, such as agreements and date-sensitive documents.

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By enabling your franchisees to access all the information they need to operate the way you want them to, Franchise Infinity reduces the need for you to spend precious time looking over shoulders.
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